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Hello there, I am having an issue while trying to create builds.
Whenever I make a build, the addressables fail which cause the entire process to fail.

The addressables fail due to not being able to see the JsonData and LitJson types/namespaces, even though they are in the package under Runtime/Android. image depicting the errors just mentioned

Here is the LitJson.dll in the Packages folder:

enter image description here

I'd like to know if there's any known solutions to this problem.

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This did indeed fix this issue for me, sadly there are some other unrelated issues that I am still working on now but thanks so much for the help!

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我是通过在文件资源管理器中拷贝 SDK 文件中的 \Runtime\Android\LitJson.dll文件到asset/plugin文件夹下,这样就可以了

addressables 1.19.19