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With an empty scene (only XR RIG inside), metric tool indicates 95% GPU.

With Unity XR SDK 1.2.5 (named 1.2.4 in package manager...)

It was not the case before

What we can do to solve it ?

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After some research,
issue seems to come from new PUID Version 4.0.7
With an older version with same app version, GPU usage is divided by two.

PUI 4.0.7 Version (avg 40%)
PUI 4.0.7 Version

PUI 4.0.1 Version (avg 18%)
PUI 4.0.1 Version

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Dear developers,
Thank you for your feedback. We will test it.

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Dear developer,
Here are our results:
enter image description here
enter image description here

PUI version: 4.0.7
SDK: Unity XR Platform SDK (Legacy) (V1.2.5)
Unity: 2021.1.28f1c1 and 2019.4.30F1C3

This is our test project. Could you please provide us with your test project?

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we have tested your apk on our device and there is no over gpu consumption.
we use Unity 2020.3.18f1

we are checking on Unity 2021 maybe issue come from our unity version.

I will report our test results

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We still have issue with 2021.
Can you provide a 4.0.5 PUI firmware to deploy to our new device ?
There is no over consumption on this PUI Version.


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Dear developers,
The devices cannot be degraded.
Could you please provide us with the test project that can reproduce your problem? We will test it on our devices.
Please send it at pico_devanswes@bytedance.com and use the title of your question as the subject of your email.

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here an empty project with issue : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AscWjfmzyx-NgdNFJLoSPL_IdTOgqg?e=3F1JWq
Build in Unity 2020.3.18f1

Test on G2 4k S 4.0.5 : ok
enter image description here
Test on G2 4k S 4.0.7 ! ko

enter image description here

Almost perf GPU consumption X3

We still investigating on unity 2021

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Dear developer,
This is the test result after we run the APK you provided.
Our test device is also G2 4KS,PUI 4.0.7
Maybe try factory reset.
enter image description here

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After factory reset, same result as you.

I can't hard reset hundreds of devices.
We have to find a software solution.

We are still investigating

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Ok I think we found why GPU Consumption is increasing in our tests.

We have installed Pico Metric Tool to find why our device has lost battery life.

When this tool is active GPU consumption is increasing by X2.

Now we still are looking for why we lost battery life.

Thanks for your investigation

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I can confirm that Pico Metrics Tool kills GPU performance by almost 50%.
PicoG2, Unity 2021.3, Unity XR Platform SDK (Legacy) v1.2.5, Mettrics Tool v1.1.0