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Hi, I'm using SendHapticImpulse() which works on other XR headset, but not on my pico neo 3. There's no haptic feedback.

I'm using the most recent SDK: v2.0.3.

Am I missing something from my AndroidManifest.xml? Or is it a different function.


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Dear developers,
Could you tell us what your code is?

This is our test code, and it has haptic feedback.


Or you can try using the vibration interface provided with our SDK

PXR_Input.SetControllerVibration(1, 1000, PXR_Input.Controller.LeftController);
PXR_Input. SetControllerVibration (1, 1000, PXR_Input. Controller. RightController);

For more information, please refer to the following links:

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This was our code:

controller.SendHapticImpulse(0.5f, 2);

And it didn't work.

But now it works using:


It's not ideal but it's good enough. Thanks!

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In my opinion:
according to API "SendHapticImpulse(uint channel, float amplitude, float duration = 1f)"

the first parameter is "channel", should be 0 or 1,base on PXR_Input.Controller .
and the second parameter is amplitude.