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Hi Pico team,
We are looking into setting up some features in our project but find they require XR interaction tool kit 1.0+ and the sdk we use for pico imports and requires XR interaction toolkit 0.9.4

Our team have found that updating xr to 1.0 causes the pico SDK to generate errors and were wondering if you have any advice to get the pico legacy sdk to work with 1.0 or plan to release a update for pico Legacy to use XR 1.0

We are developing for the g2 4k

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Dear developers,
We tested the Unity XR Platform SDK (Legacy) V1.2.5 with the XR Interaction Tool Kit 1.0+ and 2.0.0.
The engine version we tested was 2021.2.8f1
No error was reported. We suggest you try to import the SDK again.
Or you can try creating an empty project and import the Unity XR platform SDK (Legacy) V1.2.5 with the XR Interactive Toolkit 1.0+.
Check to see if there are still errors.