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Hi Pico Dev Team,

My company own several Pico Neo 3 Pro and we look around with your official DisplayPort cable.

Is there any chance to have a Linux SteamVR Pico VR driver ?
Or something integrated to SteamVR OpenHMD project ?

Is it conceivable for some clue / information / piece of open-sourced code that we can integrate with OpenHMD ?

Thanks in advance,

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Dear developers,

There is no Linux version of Pico VR Streaming Assistant

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Hi !

So why you are not creating a Linux client then ? :-)
We have the year 2022! About 16 systems here (out of 20) run Linux (debian-based)
Our headless instances for hosting 3D-metaverses are 100% linux-VMs.


Let's start with following highlevel questions:
What is needed to have native Linux support?
Are sources available in order to start a community-driven project for this?


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I like to support this request. It would be great to have a Pico Link for Linux to be able to use Steam VR under Linux.

Thank you.