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i'm trying to get the eye tracking data in c++ via the function PXR_GetEyeTrackingData() from the UPicoXRHMDFuntionLibrary in PicoXRHMD.

FPicoXREyeTrackingData eyeTrackingData = UPicoXRHMDFuntionLibrary::PXR_GetEyeTrackingData();

Now if i'm accessing the eyeTrackingData.CombinedEyeGazePoint it works just fine and i receive the expected values. Also for Right and LeftEyeOpenness, i receive the expected data. However, if i'm accessing the Right or LeftEyePupilDilation and the Right or LeftEyeGazePoint and Vector, i receive all 0.

I also realized that some of the UPROPERTYs that used to be exposed to Blueprints are commented for the current version of the SDK (for example Right and LeftEyeGazePoint, Right and LeftPupilDilation).

Is the functionality for retrieving this data not implemented yet? If so, when will it be implemented? Is there a possibility to implement it myself? So far i ended up in the PxrApi.h and cannot access the function definition of Pxr_GetEyeTrackingData(PxrEyeTrackingData* eyeTrackingData)...

It would be cool to have data for the individual eyes as well since I'm working on a tool for strabismic patients. For those patients, it does not make sense to use the combined data.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

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Dear developer,

Right and LeftPupilDilation are advanced data to be obtained through Tobii Ocumen so please reach out to Tobii.
Gazepoint is the same value as Tracking pos so please use the following interface instead.
enter image description here