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Hi there,

I want to know more about the best solution / robust way to treat the G2 4K device, as far as it matters the usage in a public space (Museum) for a long period of time.

To be more specific:

  • We prepare a VR application for a museum. The working hours, within the device, must be ready for public usage is about 10 hours/ day.
  • Every device will "wear" an anti-thief mechanism, that will also be charging the device while idle. This means lots of hours plugged in and charging.
  • It is expected, little high - usage hours per day (2-3) and more no usage hours (7-8), in a daily program.
  • Of course, the device must be switched on and ready to be used, as soon as the user wears it. Whether someone just left it, or it is been picked up after 7 hours of being on sleep mode, plugged in and charged.

Please don't consider what happens if there is plenty of use (so to save battery per VR Session, for example). There will be plenty of devices in contradiction with the expected users, So we aim for
- fast and untroubled usage no matter the waiting time, and
- Protect the hardware of the device.

So, what is the best options and device/ developer settings for this kind of usage?
What should be taken good care of and how?
What is the best for the device and its battery?

Some of the obvious questions are:

  1. Stay Awake (screen never sleep while charging) -or- not?
  2. OTG Charging Mode? (Don't really know what this is).
  3. "Charging While Using" I think should be OFF, right?
  4. QCOM On -or-Off?

What else advice do yo have to help us?


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Dear developers,

Based on your four questions, you can refer to the following suggestions:

  1. Stay Awake: Off

  2. OTG Charging Mode: Default

  3. Charging While Using: Off

  4. QCOM: On

In addition,
Smart wake mode: On