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We have some Neo 3 Pro with PUI 4.4.7 and after some time it occurs that we can no longer connect to wifi.
If I choose ssid and enter password then it connects/disconnects/connects/disconnects and so on.
Until now I can't reproduce what is causing this. Rebooting or disable and enable wifi does not fix that.
I think the only way is to reset the device. I have not testet until now.
Perhaps the "PXR Set Auto Connect Wifi" node from UE XR SDK has something to do with the issue.
With a seperate eMail I will send you the logcat.log from the device.

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Dear developer,
We have received your email and will discuss further in the email.

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Do we have any information on this? I am currently suffering with the same issue.

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similar issue as above, except units will connect, aleit extremely rarely.

further details, cisco prime is only logging data on a successful connection, these errornous connecting/disconnected attemps to not appear to generate any data (no attempts at authentication are appearing)