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When running a packaged apk of a unreal project using the PicoXR plugin the "PXR Get boundary Geometry" node causes a crash without fail. I call the node in a derived version of the original PicoXR pawn with nothing fancy added to it like in the following image in a empty unreal project with only a default level and that pawn in it. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Blueprint Nodes

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Dear developer,

We tested on the device. UE4.27. Unreal XR SDK v2.0.2. PUI version 4.4.7
No crashes occurred.

Please send your APK or Log information to pico_devanswers@bytedance.com.
Please also write down your PUI version and the UE version you used and named by the title of this question. We will check it.

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I have sent the requested information in an email thanks for the quick response.

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Dear developers,
We have reproduced your problem that does crash if use SDK v2.0.2.
Using SDK v2.0.3 will not cause the app to crash and can get values.
Try again after you upgrade the SDK.

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Upgrading to the new SDK has solved the issue, thanks for the help.