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Hey all,
i am using the pico neo 3 pro headset via streaming cable (build target is windows) with unity. Ive got some problems getting the eyetracker to work inside the unity editor. I have installed the newest Tobii plugin and followed their "getting started" guide here:
But it seems that they assume android as a build target.
I am not sure about step 3 (Download Pico’s Unity XR Platform SDK) since it seems to be an android only plugin? I installed it anyways but is this step even important when using cable streaming and openVR via steam?
Despite doing all the stuff in the guide, Tobii eyetracking is not receiving any data from the pico. It cannot even find the eyetracker device.
I also tried accessing the eyetracking data manually by calling PXR_Eyetracking.GetCombineEyeGazeVector(out Vector3) but it only returns the following error:"pxrlog failed at get eye tracking device devices.count".

All the above makes me believe that i cannot use pico neo 3 pros eyetracking via Tobii SDK inside the unity editor by using a streaming cable and windows as a build target.

Am I right or is there a way to do so?

Thanks for your help,

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Sorry, eyetracking in streaming mode is not supported now, because the Eyetracking data of our system cannot be sent to PC