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I am trying to set screen off and sleep delay to never while doing some tasks like downloading because it can provoke some potential errors.

I have tried using the code below but it does not work, the app stops once I try to set it up...

I found these methods in the documentation, I don't know I'm calling them wrong, or if there is an alternative way of doing this...

        Debug.Log("Setting PropertySetScreenOffDelay");
        Unity.XR.PXR.PXR_Plugin.System.UPxr_PropertySetScreenOffDelay(Unity.XR.PXR.ScreenOffDelayTimeEnum.NEVER, OnScreenOff); // 1 min
        Debug.Log("Setting PropertySetSleepDelay");
        Debug.Log("Setting Finished");

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Please check the PUI version and see if there is initialization and binding service in the code.
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That's right I did not initialize and bind the System Service.

Thank you very much for your time and attention!