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Hello everyone, welcome to Pico Developer Answers. This Q&A community aims to build a platform for our developers, which allows developers to ask questions, search related answers, vote on the content you like, and help each other. Specifically, we'd like to explain the function of 'Categories'. The 'Categories' feature is very useful for navigating to the relevant sections of our community.

Categories are created and managed by Pico and are used to categorize posts published by PicoDevSupport. It can be found at the bottom right side of the home page. Currently 'Issue tracker' , 'Newsletter' and '中文区(Chinese)' have been set. We will add more categories if needed.
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Issue Tracker
For the issues that have been verified related to Pico SDK or PUI system, we'll add [Issue_Tracker_num] at the beginning of the title, and move the posts into Issue Tracker category.

When the Issue is resolved, a tag (issue_tracker_resolved) will be added under the post.

In this category, we announce news about PUI, SDK release/demos/documents etc.

In this category, we collect the questions in Chinese.

In this category, we collect the questions in English.

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When you notice your username is prefixed with "PicoFans_xxxxxxx" and want to change it, please follow the steps below:

Step1: Click username to enter user center
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Step2: Click "Edit my Profile"
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Step3:Change your username
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