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Unity 2019.4.16f1
Unity XR Platform SDK (Legacy) - v1.2.5
Device: Neo3

When PXR_System.SetCommonBrightness is called, it is asking for runtime permission, but UI for it is shown for left eye only, covering whole view (zoomed in) and not interactable with controller (controller is not even visible). So I have to press home button to go to screen where I can either quit and continue app, so when I press continue, it shows properly in VR space "modify system settings" and now its interactable with controller.

Another issue is that aforementioned shouldn't be even triggered, as we are modifying home button actions without any problem and we made sure InitAudioDevice is called (we are also calling InitSystemService and BindSystemService before that) (from doc: 7.7 Device related
Note: please call the interface InitAudioDevice to initialize before using services such as power, volume and brightness).

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Dear Developer,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. This issue is a known issue. We will fix it in a future update.

We will categorize this issue as a "Issue Tracker" and will keep tracking it.

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Thank you for reply and looking forward for future fix

Best regards

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Dear developer,
The latest PUI has fixed this issue, the pop-up permission UI has been displayed normally, you can try to upgrade PUI to see if it work normally.