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Is there any functionality currently available or on the roadmap that allows for the Pico Neo 3 Pro to share one boundary/chaperone between other headsets on the same network. This would allow the HMD to be used in the same area/location for free roam games etc

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Hi - Thanks for the link. I was thinking more along the lines of a feature outside of games/applications and more of an admin function within the HMD - unless the suggestion is that I code something that would make this work? I need the boundary/chaperone/location to e synced whilst I'm using the streaming PC/VR via steam rather than apps running in the HMD.

See "map sharing" on the vive focus 3 features set:


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Do you mean to achieve map sharing between devices by PC or map sharing between the PC and the device? From the API of Unity, the map file will be generated in the device. So if put this map file on other devices at the same time.I think it can get the map sharing target.