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We are trying to launch a simple UE 4.26 project on Pico Neo 3 using SDK 2.0.2, but the game crashes at startup in CreateSwapChain_OpenGL().
After investigating, it appears that Pxr_Initialize() returns -1 in FPicoXRHMD::Startup(). Later on, Pxr_GetConfigInt(PXR_RENDER_TEXTURE_WIDTH) returns zero which leads to a crash down the line.

What do you think could cause Pxr_Initialize() to fail?

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Edit: here's a simple project that reproduces the issue https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vsWswXaiU3TMRBNwo9U3wuYWgj_S0O96/view?usp=sharing

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Dear developer,

Could you please check the Software Version of your device? It is located at Settings-->General-->Software Version.

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Thank you for your quick reply,
Software Version is C000_RF01_BV1.0.1_SV1.120_20210716_B271

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We recommend you update ROM to the latest version. In the bottom right corner of Settings, click “Check PUI Update” → “Online Update”. After the update, please reboot your device and connect your device to WiFi.

Then try launching your game again. If the game still crashes, please add a comment under this one.

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Thanks! The system update did fix the problem.