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Hi Everyone.
So I have set my app to use multiview as its using monoscopic videos that need references to both of the players eye cameras. however when I make a build I find the camera becomes very jittery and flickers even when I'm staying very still and I don't know how to remove it.

I've made changes quality settings to try fix it but its still happeneing and I am hopping there is a setting that I missed that will stop this.

Note: that multipass works fine with no issues.

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Dear developer,

Please provide the SDK version you use and Unity version. We will try reproducing the problem.

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I had the same problem, but I solved it.

The project was multi-scene and each scene had a 'Pvr_UnitySDK' Prefabs.

After placing the Prefabs only in the first scene, applying 'DontDestroyOnLoad' solved the problem.

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I ended up finding the cause, I had a child Overlay camera attached to the Pico Camera that was rendering a layer and when I disabled it, it went back to running smoothly. Just had to find a new way to do what I needed without the Overlay camera