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There is a neat method inside the Android library in v 1.2.5 -> Set Top APP

It doesn't work for our app.
Please advise !

We need it so that native android apps - advanced Wifi/Android Miracast app etc. was shown along with our 3D application ( our scene)

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Dear developer,

Could you please tell us what's your meaning of showing native android apps - advanced Wifi/Android Miracast app etc. along with your 3D application?

Whether it mean a 2D app build by native android shows in a 3D application together?Or showing some buttons in 3D application to enter native android apps such as advanced Wifi/Android Miracast app etc.?

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Basicly reusing the native android Apps along with custom launcher ( our app).
Can we set the background to our app?

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According to our understanding, you want to display 2D applications in a 3D app(your app). If it is , sorry to say that we do not support it currently.

However, here is a demo of starting the system settings in a 3D application by buttons , you could have a see with it.
Note:this demo needs Unity XR SDK v2.0.1.

Hope this information helps you.