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This happens when playing my game in the UE4 VR preview in the editor with my Neo 3 Pro connected to SteamVR. If I press the grip buttons about 80% of the way in, it triggers the action press event. But the big issue is that if I continue to press further in, it triggers the action release event.

When packaging the game to the Neo 3 Pro itself, the grips work just fine. The grips press event only triggers when pressing all the way in. The release event only happens when actually releasing the grip buttons.

Unreal Engine v4.27
SteamVR v1.20.4
Neo 3 Pro PUI v4.4.7
Unreal XR SDK v2.0.2
Pico DP Streaming Assistant v1.1.1

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I think it's a compatibility issue of the editor side. What if you stream through SteamVR without UE4 VR Preview?

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I think it is an issue with how SteamVR reads the Neo 3 Pro's inputs. Looking at the SteamVR Controller test, there are issues with the Grip and Triggers.

Trigger Axis doesn't work at all, it is either 0 or 1 and pressing about 10% of the way makes it go from 0 to 1 immediately.

Trigger Action is pressed about 11% of the way in.

Grip Axis works fine.

Grip Action triggers when only pressed 5% of the way in.

I'm not sure what you mean by "without UE4 VR Preview"? If I want to play my game without having to constantly build it, VR Preview is the only way. Since Axis Grip readings work, I'll just use that instead of action readings while in the editor.