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Is it possible to make a build from Unity for Pico Neo 3 Pro using only Unity's OpenXR Plugin or do I have to use Pico's Unity XR SDK?

My test project is a brand new project with only the OpenXR Plugin enabled, a simple test scene with a camera that has a Tracked Pose Driver component. I've gotten my build to run and display an image, but the head tracking does not work and the camera is stuck, plus the stereo rendering is definitely wrong. I've been following the Unity XR SDK documentation and have made the necessary changes to my project settings and AndroidManifest.xml.

I was hoping to build the same project for Oculus Quest 2 and Pico Neo 3 Pro since both support OpenXR.

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Dear developer,

It is not currently supported to use Unity's OpenXR Plugin to make a build on Pico Neo 3 Pro.

You can refer to the post here:

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Can Unity's OpenXR Plugin be used to make a build for any Pico product?