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Up to this point I've got everything working when sideloading to the Pico device and not having entered the App Id in the settings. At this point when I sideload the app, it is listed under Unknown sources. I can launch it and everything works correctly.
I then added the correct app ID and enabled entitlement check. This means when I now sideload the app, it is visible in the all app's section, not in the unknown sources. However, if I try to launch the app, it doesn't enter full 360 VR mode but instead opens up a 2D screen, which I think is normally used for browsing videos. The app starts, I can see our loading screen but it doesn't go past that.

I then removed the app Id again and disabled the entitlement check and it launches fine again from under the "Unknown sources".

In the app settings in the Pico app management, I've set "Supported Control Mode" to both "Headset" and "6-DOF controller".

Why is my app no longer launching the correct VR mode but rather in a 2D screen mode? Could it be because I set the control mode to "Headset"?


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Dear developer,

Please provide the SDK version and Unity version you use, as well as your device model and the PUI version.

During development and debugging phases, before official releasing, you can simulate the user entitlement check process by filling in the development device SN code. The App ID is available after the application has been successfully created so you don't have to fill in the App ID in Entitlement Check.

We suggest you leave the App ID out and just fill in device SN code and try again. Supported Control Mode doesn't cause this 2D screen issue. You are welcomed to add comments if there are further questions.

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You can refer to this chapter, which will help you better: