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I cannot update my HMD. When I choose the online update it says it's up to date (PUI version 3.11.3...) but the most recent version is 4.0.5

When I download the update and run it from an SD card it gets to about 30% and then shown the Android robot with its chest open and the word "Error"

How can I update this HMD?

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Dear developer,

You may need to check the format of your SD card. A SD card in the FAT32 format (the SD card memory should be higher than 2G, to the maximum of 256G) is required.

Or you can upgrade via Internal storage:

  1. Create the “dload” folder in the internal storage;

  2. Copy the ROM package to the “dload” folder (do not decompress the zip package);

  3. In the bottom right corner of "Settings", click “Check PUI Update” → “Offline Upgrade”.

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Thank you.
I am using an 8gb card in fat32 format, the system reads the card just fine and I can install an .apk from it.

I tried to use the internal storage as your instructions say and it says "Please Inserts an SD Card (FAT 32)"

Are there any more options? I also attempted to do it from Recovery Mode, but it said it was an invalid package.

Are there any other options?

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"Invalid package" may indicate that the file has been corrupted. We recommend that you download it again.

Please follow this instruction to upgrade via SD card:

  1. Create the “dload” folder in the SD root directory;

  2. Copy the ROM package to the “dload” folder of the SD card (do not decompress the zip package);

  3. Click “Offline Upgrade”.

If it still doesn't work, please try recovery mode again:

  1. Copy the ROM package to root folder of the SD card (do not decompress the zip package).

  2. Enter the Recovery mode.

  3. Select “Apply update from SD card”, and confirm.

  4. Select the ROM package previously copying the SD card. Installation will take 3-5 minutes. No operation during this period.

  5. Select “Wipe data/factory reset to” to erase existing data.

The remaining battery should be more than 40% during upgrading.