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We have ported our VR apps from Oculus Quest 2 to Pico Neo 3 and noticed we are having Z-fighting now in some of our apps. We already adjusted the camera clipping planes to be less far from each other, but the issue still remains.

We could not find a setting in the Pico XR SDK for Unity to change this. If it does not exist, it would be a nice feature to have.

* Pico XR SDK version: 2.0.1
* Model type: Pico Neo 3 Pro
* PUI Version: v4.3.34
* Unity Version: 2019.4.8

Have a nice day,

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Dear developer,

Could you please tell us is it the picture or gameobject that has z-fighting?

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This happens with gameobjects in the scene. So normal meshes being close together.
If there is no setting for this we will fix the meshes manually.