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Is it possible to protect/sign an app for Pico using a custom keystore in Unity?
If not, is there any other procedure to sign apps as developers?

We're using the legacy Pico SDK and Unity 2019.4.12.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes you can :
enter image description here

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Asking for the standard way for Pico, not the Unity internal tools.

We found this tool:

...and the one described here:
(which doesn't allow login data)

What is the recommended way of signing the application?

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The first tool seems to be used to encrypt the video which includes generating keys for encrypted videos.In addition,I think the second tool signs apk with Pico system signature not the custom keystore.I have used Android studio to sign the apk ,you can have a try. However,it seems that using Unity internal tools is the most convenient way.

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Dear developer,

For Unity developers , using the Unity internal tools is a good way to sign apps.