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I seem to be experiencing increased HMD tracking latency on my 4 neo 3 Pro HMD running on my 12x stream wifi6 network. In the past I could run in standard quality at 90hz, but in recent updates 7.2.0 I need to run at 72hz and fast.

Is there anything I can do to help you debug or improve the quality of wireless streaming as the quest 2 version seems to be a lot better.

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Dear Developer,

Would you mind sending your detailed log information when the problem arises to this mail address with the title of your question : pico_devanswers@bytedance.com.

We will check it.

To capture log,you can refer to :https://sdk.picovr.com/docs/FAQ/chapter_sixteen.html

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Hi,According to our latest news, the release of the new version has been postponed due to compatibility issues. Sorry for the inconvenience .And also, we have forwarded the information you provided to our R&D team.Thank you very much for your feedback.

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I believe I am having similar issues as well. My Pico Neo 3 is connected through wifi6 with in arms length away from the router and I seem to get bursts of frames freezing for about a second or two before it is smooth again for a couple of minutes.

Checking the stream connection average with in 7.2.0 Streaming Assistant I get around 500-600 Mb. Checking steam render times my computer is able to render the frames out in time(Although still old hardware GTX1080)

During the frame freezes they aren't picked up in the timing graph so I guessed it maybe have been the connection between the router and the Pico. Changing the stream quality from Fast,Standard or HD still produces the same frame freezing.

I also tried rolling back to and the problem was still there

Hoping the next update will fix the issue for us.

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Hello, we have reflected your information to our R&D team, and I'm very sorry to say that we couldn't guarantee streaming smoothly completely currently. And the occasional frame freeze cannot be avoided.Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Just to confirm. Though there have been compatibility issues with the current fix (I'm surprised you don't have different neo 3 and 2 streaming assistant) the development team will be fixing the frame drops/latency issues and the message posted is about the current version of the software. If not I will need to reasses using the neo 3 for my business.

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According to our confirmation to the R&D team, the R&D team reported that the new version of the streaming assistant will optimize the frame drops/latency issues, but it cannot be completely avoided.