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I putted the PicoXR Plugin 1.2.5 + Oculus XR Plugin 1.10.0 in my project.

Oculus Quest Build works.
But the PicoXR build does not work (black screen)

this is my XR Plugin management :
Plugin management

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Did you open Vulkan? If you opened it, please remove it and try again.


You can install both plugins but please avoid selecting them at the same time. You may refer to this post:


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Dear developer,

Please try this method and rebuild your project to see if the PicoXR build works.

Find OVRGradleGeneration.cs at Oculus>VR>Editor. This file will write OVR data to manifest file before building begins. See details in Unity API reference page.

enter image description here

Then comment out these codes shown in the picture:

enter image description here

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We have look at the previous answer,

We do not use Vulkan (only OpenGLES2 or OpenGLES3).

We tick only the XR Plug-in we need to build the app =>
- Pico XR for the G2 4K Series
- Oculus for the quest 2

Even if we uncheck Oculus to build on the Pico, we have the black screen, but if we definitively remove the Oculus XR Plug-in it's working.

We do not use the Oculus SDK (Integration package).

Maybe the problem comes from the Oculus XR Plug-in, we will post a question on their forum.