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30 of our Pico Neo 3 devices are holding back by the mexican customs. They want to now if the devices operating in the following parameters:

On Importation:
As of October 24, 2018: NOM-208-SCFI-2016(Only: Spread spectrum radio communications equipment operating in the 902-928 MHZ, 2400-2483.5 MHZ and 5725-5850 MHZ frequency bands (Bluetooth and/or ZigBee in the 902 MHz - 928 MHz and/or 2,400.00 MHz - 2,483.50 MHz and/or WiFi and/or WLAN and/or WPAN and/or WAN in the 2,400.00 MHz - 2,483.50 MHz and/or 5,725.00 MHz - 5,850.00 MHz bands. In terms of Paragraph 5 of the Annex) (Art. First Transitory Art. of the Agreement DOF 23/X/2018)

As of 6 January 2017: NOM-196-SCFI-2016 (Only when connected through a wired access to a public network. In terms of paragraph 5 of the Annex) (Art. Primero fracc. IT Transitorio del Acuerdo DOF 26/XII/2016);

I didn't find such detailed information. Did someone knows more?

Best whises

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Please contact your sales to solve related problems.