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We are having problems getting an app that worked on the Pico Neo 2 to work on the Pico Neo 3. The problem is that the app connects with a bluetooth device. We have checked and rechecked all necessary permissions, and can confirm that all works well both on the Pico Neo 2 and on Android 10 phones - but not on the Pico Neo 3. On the Pico Neo 3, we get errors that indicate that "location services are disabled", and it's impossible to scan/connect to BLE devices without having location services enabled.

What can we do to try and get our app working on the Pico Neo 3?

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Dear developer,
Pico Neo 3 supports Bluetooth BLE. To be more specific, when using BLE, normally the application will need Android ACCESSFINELOCATION permission, on Pico Neo 3 system you can aquire this permission, but our system removed location related module, which means if this external BLE device also need Android location related service, such as GPS, then it cannot work with our HMD. However, if the BLE device just need to connect via BLE and transfer data, then there is no problem.