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Hi there,

I am trying to change the default keys on the headset (Pico G2 4K latest update - worldwide), so:

  1. CONFIRM key stays as is.
  2. HOME key on "tap" does exactly what CONFIRM does, or nothing.
  3. HOME key on "long_press" continues to calibrate the view.
  4. BACK key does exactly what CONFIRM does, or nothing.

I read the instructions on the Documentation/ PicoVR System Key and
downloaded the SystemKeyConfig.prop
I removed the comments (#'s) and change some parameters wherever it was indicated, saved them and "push it" to the headset (ADB commands)
It seems that whatever change I do on the file, does nothing to the headset.

Can someone help me, understand what more is needed to be done -or- provide me with the correct SystemKeyConfig.prop code..?


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Dear developer,

Could you please provide the PUI version and VR Headset Software Version (which could find in Developer->System->About device)?

And we set the HOME single tap invalid running on our device sucessfully by this SystemKeyConfig.prop:

You can test it with your device. Hope it helps you.

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Worked Perfectly!


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Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience,

What should I type in


So I can directly open the WiFi settings?
If this is not possible, then the General Settings?

(working on a Pico G2 4K device, in kiosk mode)


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Dear developer,
Try using the following file, which can directly open the Settings after long press the home button.

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Worked Perfect!
Thank you.

Is there anywhere, a list of all these available shortcut options?

Thank you

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Dear developer,
Sorry, there is no such list of all these available shortcut options.