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Hi there,

I am trying to change the default keys on the headset (Pico G2 4K latest update - worldwide), so:

  1. CONFIRM key stays as is.
  2. HOME key on "tap" does exactly what CONFIRM does, or nothing.
  3. HOME key on "long_press" continues to calibrate the view.
  4. BACK key does exactly what CONFIRM does, or nothing.

I read the instructions on the Documentation/ PicoVR System Key and
downloaded the SystemKeyConfig.prop
I removed the comments (#'s) and change some parameters wherever it was indicated, saved them and "push it" to the headset (ADB commands)
It seems that whatever change I do on the file, does nothing to the headset.

Can someone help me, understand what more is needed to be done -or- provide me with the correct SystemKeyConfig.prop code..?


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Dear developer,

Could you please provide the PUI version and VR Headset Software Version (which could find in Developer->System->About device)?

And we set the HOME single tap invalid running on our device sucessfully by this SystemKeyConfig.prop:

You can test it with your device. Hope it helps you.

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After checkimg with the R&D, this issue is a known issue. It will be fixed through system upgrades.

This is a preview version of the solution, you can try to install this APK.

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Hi there,

Lots of thank you.

I tried the given APK and it worked!
The way it works is being in question from me, but:
- It does not delete the SystemKeyConfig.prop file and
- It does the commands (manage to make long-press 6000ms, deactivate Volume Down Button and deactivate the back key button.

What it seems that might be a problem, and please transfer this to who's responsible, is that
the SystemKeyConfig.prop didn't change the functions of the buttons, but the functions themselves, correlated with the buttons!

To give you an example:
The deactivation of the "Back key" made both the headset's "back key" and the remote control's "back key" not work.
but it seems that it didn't block the key command, rather than deactivating the "back" function, meaning that
when I entered the Settings/ Developers Options menu, the GUI back key on the screen did not work.

Nevertheless, the script works.

So, back to my original issue:
I want to have a press function for all 3 keys (Confirm ((Enter)), Back and Home).

  1. As I have understood I cannot assign eg. the "Enter" function to the "Back" key, from the SystemKeyConfig.prop file and

  2. I cannot do this by the Unity SDK either (read in another post).

  3. I can set and Home key as 5(No function, but send the key notice)
    and in my unity project change the key notice to a command/ action.

  4. "Back key" is only on the enabled/disabled state?

Are the 4 above assumptions right?

Last thing.
I do not quite get what the



does and if I can use it on G2 4K device, or it Is only for the Neo 3 device, so if you can explain it to me, it would be really helpful!


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Dear developer,

1."Back key" is only on the enabled/disabled state,so setting the "Enter" function to the "Back" key is unavaliable.

2.Could you please add some details about "this " in your second assumption? And which SDK do you use?

3.Setting Home key as 5 means the key action is sending broadcast,you can have a try.

4."Back key" is only on the enabled/disabled state.

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Hi there,

Made some progress, but still can't quite catch the complete usage.

I want to change the original functions of the Home buttons, so:

  1. Double-tap on Home calibrates/ recenters the mask:

  2. Long Press for 5 seconds to open the "small settings":

But this opens the complete android settings.
I want to be able to open the small settings (the menu that has the Screenshot/ Cast / Power/ Latest Applications) --> former double tap home button function.

Should I do this from the

What should I write in the "com.example.systemconfig" and "com.example.systemconfig.Activity2"?


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Have a try with the following configuration: