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Hey dear experts,

I would like to supress the messages regarding the Pico Controller not being found and the info related to the secure area when the Pico G2 4k starts. Is there any way to supress these messages? I set up the Kiosk Mode on my App and I am not using the controller for it.

Many thanks in advance!

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Dear developers,
You can turn off the Power-on calibration prompt option in the developer options.
This will not prompt calibration.
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Dear Pico Dev support team,
i would like to bump this, as i tried it and i still get the prompt, no matter what i do.
The settings make no difference and i was wondering if it is maybe a bug that came with the last pui update.
Cheers and thanks in advance!
(Using the G2 4K, latest PUI Version available)

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Dear developer,
Have you set the openguide field value in PicoVR Kiosk Mode?
You can try skipping Security Guidlines info by:
guide field: whether to start the safety boundary setting app (for Neo 2 series) or the controller binding app (for G2 series); 1 - Yes; 0 - No
Please refer to the following links for details:

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Dear Support Team,
that did the trick! Thought the manual settings are enough, but the config file is also much easier and convenient.
Thank you so much!