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I want to use the Pico Neo 3 with Steam VR on a Lenovo Thinkpad T15g.
As the Lenovo Thinkpad does not have a Displayport-Outlet, I am connecting the Pico Neo 3 to a Thunderbolt-Workstation, which is connected to the USB-C Outlet of the Lenovo. Also the device does only offer USB-3 outlets.

While Steam-VR does recognize the headset to be attached, it states, that the graphicscard cannot connect to the headset, giving the following error code "Shared IPC Compositor Connect Failed (306)".

Does anbody have a solution for this? Is the Pico only connectable to USB 2 outlets?

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Dear developer,

May I ask whether your device model is Neo 3 or Neo 3 Pro ?

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Sorry for not being clearer.
My device model is Neo 3 Pro.

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Could you please provide the PUI version, the version of DP Streaming Assistant on PC and the version of Streaming Assistant on HMD?

In addition, please send us 2 screenshots of DP Streaming Assistant and SteamVR respectively when the error occurs on your PC.