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Hello guys
I have pretty bad aliasing in my scene in Unity XR with Universal Renderpipline does not seem to work on the Neo 3. If I enable the antialiasing on the render pipeline level and inside the XR Camera rig it doesn't seem to do anything no matter how I turn the value up. Do I miss something?

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Please provide the SDK version and Unity version you use.

You can try removing the Pico SDK to see if the bad aliases still exist.

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Version is Pico Unity XR:2021-10-13 v2.0.1 Unity 2020.3.18
Can you elaborate on you proposal. If i remove the Pico SDK how could I see it on the HMD to see if the bad alias is still there?

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Dear developer,

If you check the "Use Recommended MSAA" option under XR Rig, the MSAA value will be 4X. You can customize the MSAA value after unchecking it.

enter image description here

Could you please consider telling us what effect do you expect and what the effect is now? Is turning on 4X anti-aliasing not up to your expectation or not effective at all?

If the anti-aliasing does not work at all, could you please send a simplified project that can reproduce the problem to our email address?


You can use the title of this post as the subject of your email. We will check it for you.