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I am unable to start a unreal application using config.txt
I define the package name in home_pkg, but the screen is black when it's done with the controller guide and attempts to launch our application.

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You can see if the screen is black when you manually launch this application, or you may use another application to check whether Kiosk Mode works. We have tested it on G2 4K(PUI 4.0.5) and G2 4K Enterprise(PUI 4.0.5).

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It works perfectly fine when launching using am start with package/activity
I have currently a kiosk-like functionality working by using the android manifest to request launcher.

This only occurs using config.txt with the same PUI version as you say

Could you show me a sample of a working config.txt for unreal application? :)

Our project is very old, perhaps there are some changes that we have to do to make it compatible? The project has been upgraded all the way from 4.19 to 4.26 over the past.

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Could you please send your APK to our email address?


You can use the title of this post as the subject of your email. We will check it.