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I am attempting to install an application using the advanced feature, it's ticked off in the settings and I'm attempting to install a package.

The delegate does not return any data, and I found something in the logs that might be interesting.

W/ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { pkg=****** cmp=com.pvr.tobservice/.service.ToBService } U=0: not found

E/ToBService: pbsControlAPPManger: not bind ToBService

Any ideas? :)

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Dear developer, please provide the SDK version, your device model and PUI version.

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SDK Version:
"VersionName": "",
"FriendlyName": "PicoMobile",

From the uplugin file

PUI Version: 4.0.5

UE 4.26

G2 4k regular and enterprise

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may I ask the device model you are using, such as G2 4K?
We have tested on G2 4K, PUI version is also 4.0.5, App Manager function is normal.
The SDK we used was PicoVR Unreal SDK V1.2.7.

The App Manager interface is protected. Before calling it, check the "Use Pico Advanced Interface" option in Project Settings -> Plug-ins ->PicoMobile.
See the following links for details:

In addition,
You can also try updating the SDK to see if it works.