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Is there an alternate way to download the Streaming Assistant?
I want to download version 7.2.0 but the download appears to be slow and stops after a few seconds, other websites download fine so it couldn't be my internet.

Other than that, If I were to downgrade my Streaming Assistant on my pico neo 3 how would I get the older versions? (specifically version 6.0.1)

I'm asking because in older versions it worked with SteamVR with no critical errors

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Dear developer,

Please provide the model type and its PUI version.

Besides, could you please consider telling us what is the specific symptom of critical errors? You may take a screenshot of the window when the problem occurs.

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Model: Pico Neo 3
PUI: V4.3.34
PC Streaming Assistant: V7.2.0
1. Headset not found in wired modeenter image description here
2. Headset connects for a few seconds then disconnects in wireless mode saying headset not found
enter image description here

Troubleshooting methods tried:
1. Changing SteamVR versions
2. Changing PC Streaming Assistant versions
3. Installing PC Streaming Assistant V6.0.1
4. Replacing PC Streaming Assistant V6.0.1 exe with V7.2.0 exe in V6.0.1 folder (got it to launch SteamVR properly but it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 seconds, wired streaming still not detect headset)

What I think is the problem:
1. current pico driver somehow bugged compared to older pico driver
2. current Streaming Assistant exe have trouble making proper connection

I hope this helps!

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We tested it with the same configurations as yours but failed to reproduce the problem.

Our steps are as follows, you can check and follow our steps.

  1. Connect PC and HMD with a USB cable or connect to the same WiFi.
  2. Launch Streaming Assistant on HMD and choose a mode.
  3. Press the "Start" button in the lower right corner of Streaming Assistant on HMD.
  4. Launch Streaming Assistant V7.2.0 on PC.
  5. Press the "Next Step" button. Streaming will run automatically.
  6. Press the "Open SteamVR" button in the lower right corner of Streaming Assistant on HMD.

Hope this information helps you. If you have further questions, you could provide some screenshots if it is convenient. We will troubleshoot the problem for you.