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I stumbled on what looks an OS bug on the Pico Neo 3 headset.
In our 3D project, we are using standard Unity UI to build our user interface. When selecting an input field, a 2D keyboard is rendered on top of the application.
It stays in the same position of the screen independent of the user's head movement. It is also impossible to interact with so it can't be closed.

When taking a screenshot using Pico's screenshot feature, the keyboard does not show. This makes me believe that this keyboard is being opened by the Android OS in response to selecting the input field. I included a picture that I took with my phone on which you can see part of the keyboard. The keyboard takes up about half of the screen in the headset.

screenshot from inside the headset
screenshot from inside the headset
picture form phone
picture form phone

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Tick the boxes inside every Input Field / Tmp_Input Field componen: hide mobile (toggle on), use native android keyboard (toggle off)

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This works thank you!
Totally missed this option in the component. Have a good day!

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focus problem on input field for keyboard