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On Unity, I use Android Logcat package to have a debug view.

Unfortunately, I have an amazing number of debug log about Pico and XR. Theses logs makes the Android Logcat unreadable, moreover the Android Logcat don't print all debugs.

The logs are always the same. Screenshots below for more information.

I use Unity 2021.1.14f1
Pico XR Plugin 1.2.3
XR Plugin Management 4.0.1

Is there a solution to disable theses logs ?

Thank you.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Please don't check the development build toggle in Unity build settings while building your apk. Also, Android Logcat Package has a filter to choose your app's package name, and the search function is very useful for filtrating output messages. Just add keywords into your debug messages and search for them while debugging. You can also export log files via android debug tools like ARDC, then search for the key words to locate debug messages.