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Hey Pico Dev Support Team,

I'm having some issues with your app store.
I bought a game (Red Matter) to test out the capabilities of the headset.
My Paypal account got charged the amount but I can't download or play the game.
In the store, I just get redirected to pay again.
Can you please fix this, I also cannot download any free games/app from your site. My pico account is: dinesh@dineshpunni.com

Also, I have a question regarding the Pico VR Streaming Assistant:
I tried using the original Pico VR Streaming Assistant with the Pico Neo 3 Pro, but the versions don't match. The Headset seems to have a newer version than Desktop.

On your website, you also mention that it's possible to use the DP streaming that only works with the DP cable.
So is it also possible somehow to stream wireless with the Pico Neo 3 Pro? I saw some reviews on YouTube where it worked.
I assume that I need an older version on the headset or the newer version for the desktop.

The headset is great so far, I'd love to also try out some software on it.


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Hello, we will inform the operation of payment problems.

Pico Neo3 devices can stream wireless.

You can visit: https://www.pico-interactive.com/us/
download the latest version of Pico VR Streaming Assistant.