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Neo 3 Pro new firmware (B323) is updated:

Release notes:


  • Add Quick Perspective Mode (enable this option in Settings -> Lab).
  • Added the function of double-clicking the Home button to start screen recording.
  • Increase Controller vibration adjustment (adjust in the Settings -> General menu).
  • Add "Bright" mode (selected in Settings -> Display -> Color).
  • Optimize the charging icon after shutdown.
  • Optimize CPU/GPU scheduling strategy to improve system stability.
  • Optimize the screen refresh rate switching strategy.
  • Fix the display abnormality of the third-party HD version of the app.
  • Fix the problem that the device cannot be turned on due to the third-party lock screen app.

6DOF Tracking:

  • Optimize and improve head tracking accuracy and tracking stability.
  • Improve handle tracking stability.
  • Reduce the handle tracking delay to less than 5ms.
  • Optimize the hitting feel of table tennis and badminton.
  • Optimize the handle experience of archery.


  • Multiple sets of distortion parameters for compatible with eyeglass holders
  • PUI home page configuration file supports to config Activity names.
  • Support to modify device boot-up first frame

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Splendid! I can't wait to upgrade and try it out!

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Post upgrade to the new firmware, I'm finding the tracking and latency to be much worse when using the Streaming Assistant. The previous version I did not experience these issues with exactly the same hardware (routers, network, pc etc). Has anyone else experienced this type of degradation of performance?

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Hello, did you choose a 90Hz screen refresh rate? If so, you need to select Fast for Image quality settings.