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when deploying our UE4 app to the Pico Neo 3 Pro via Android ASTC, we're getting the following error:

Pvr_UE Texture format 'B8G8R8A8' not supported (sRGB=0)

I presume this refers to UserInterface2D- or BC7-compressed textures, is that possible? Can you elaborate why this is an issue for the Pico renderer and whether you aim to resolve this? We're using UserInterface2D-compressed textures in many instances for UI widgets to avoid compression artifacts. Also, any non-standard power-of-two resolutions will automatically be compressed to B8G8R8A8 by Unreal Engine. This has never been a problem when working with the Oculus Quest.


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Does the texture format 'B8G8R8A8' need to be used in Vulkan mode?

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I would strongly suspect so, although I'm certainly no expert on renderer tech. The point however, is that Unreal does use it per default with Vulkan, thus it must be supported by the Pico renderer as well if Vulkan is supported in the first place. I haven't tried deploying an ES3.1 version yet because we use Vulkan by default.

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Hello, the current SDK does not support Vulkan, but this week we will release a new SDK that supports Vulkan. You can try it.