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Hi everyone,

as we plan on launching a PICO based system for VR-enabled lessons (for schools), we're wondering if there is a way to crack the compatibility issues PICO devices still have these days.

Is there some sort of an Oculus emulator for PICO G2 4K and NEO series?
(we're aware of the PICO SDK, but this requires core data of applications only the owners have).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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There is no such simulator. The app on oculus cannot run directly on pico device. If you want to run the oculus app on the pico device, you need to integrate the pico SDK into your app.

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Sorry, there is no Oculus emulator for G2 4K and Neo series.

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Have you looked at migrating to using OpenXR if at all possible for your use-case. This much simplifies targeting multiple VR devices from the start, but switching later I expect could be somewhat a pain.