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Hi there!

Our application streams from an internal folder some videos.
All those videos are also shown on the Pico Menu - File Manager, even though these videos exist in a folder inside the android/ com.company.MyApplication/ files/... folder system.

Is there a way to hide these files from Pico's File Manager?


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Sorry to tell you that these files cannot be hidden, because the File Manager retrieves the full path.

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I am not quite sure what "the File Manager retrieves the full path" means. I assume that File Manager reads all folders and lists all relevant content.

Can we add an exception to this path? Say to the File Manager "do not enter Here" ...?

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You can try to change the file extension.

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If I do so, then my application will not play my "secret" videos. Wouldn't it?

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Does this "Encrypt" option work -or- there is something I am missing?

It seems to be the "Hidden file" / "Hide file" option, in a bad copyright translation.

I mean the warning message asks if I am sure I want to hide the files,
the files are hidden,
My app works fine.

Of course, anyone can select "Show Encrypted files", but also check in the android folder to find them too.
I prefer not to be shown at all but still looks like a viable solution.

Is there anything I should worry about?

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I think it can be feature request for file manager developers, because in android you can create empty file with name ".nomedia" and this folder must be ignored by other media viewer applications